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In Paris, a young employee in the office of the US Ambassador hooks up with an American spy looking to stop a terrorist attack in the city.
The assistant of the American Ambassador in Paris James Reece is an aspirant spy working in minor jobs for the CIA. James lives with his fiancée Caroline and expects to be promoted to the special operations. When James is assigned to drive the unconventional but efficient agent Charlie Wax in Paris, James learns that a terrorist cell is preparing to attack the American delegation and he is close to the key element that will explode the group of representatives of his government.
This is it John Travolta is killing is own career by choosing weird scripts i love the guy he is my favorite actor in 90s he did great flicks like pulp fiction,broken arrow &amp; face off etc but what made him do this project is certainly not money John is a rich guy &amp; a big name in Hollywood i don&#39;t care if Luc Beeson was involved here or not that man has lost it totally he used to be a cool director now he is producing &amp; writing low grade stuff.<br/><br/>Now let us look at the cast here Jonathan Rhys Meyers this guy can&#39;t act at all he should thank tom cruise for letting him in Mi3:2006,Kasia Smutniak is a lovely girl who is the main antagonist here she plays a terrorist &amp; does nail the role very well one can see why her career is almost going nowhere the reason is this film &amp; finally our beloved actor &amp; personally my favorite John Travolta just what was he thinking in the whole film he was embarrassing himself the dialogs are worst,not that i don&#39;t like abuse but it is just not funny,there is zero chemistry between the characters specially the male leads if there was Samuel L Jackson In the cast this would looker a little better.<br/><br/>The action is passable at every moment Travolta&#39;s character actually shoots a lady in the head at dinner table was so wrong,&amp; why is Myer&#39;s character is such a coward who needs a agent to tell him what&#39;s wrong or right.<br/><br/>This is the same type of repeated genre we have seen countless times there is nothing new here to enjoy,same old Cia,Fbi stuff,people hate Liam Neeson for taken but i say he is fantastic &amp; taken films are better then this any-day.<br/><br/>The Plot:wow i will explain a bit that what goes here OK,so story is about a USA ambassador in Paris who gets involved in a cat &amp; mouse game of espionage,terrorism along with a tough American agent Charlie Wax together they will do everything in their power to stop a terror attack in the city.<br/><br/>Like we haven&#39;t seen female villains before the climax is hilarious that car chase &amp; use of Bazooka on the highway leading to the conference hall head shot that our hero gives to his own girlfriend Caroline.<br/><br/>I have to say that character of John Travolta was inspired by Steven Seagal &amp; this movie also mocks him in some way Seagal is a legend he movies are gold compared to this trash.<br/><br/>Some people are complaining about racism &amp; inaccurate portrayal of foreigners speaking in wrong languages in this film should know the makers never cared at all,the point is films these days are just for grabbing cash nothing more the story does not matter at all for example take Hard Target 1993 a classic film of Jcvd i saw that film 50 times still i am hooked on it great stuff always stays on the memory for a long time.<br/><br/>In the last what is wrong with title names these days from Rome with love from this and that with love etc,the only great film in history is From Russia With Love 1963 of Sean Connery best bond film ever made &amp; Travolta is no 007 so don&#39;t bother watching this.<br/><br/>Where is the police in France may i ask second thing is no agent behaves like this using bad words every 5 minutes,using cocaine on the open road,killing innocents,having fun with prostitutes etc.<br/><br/>For those who want good action &amp; little story check out Hit-man 2007, Mi2:2000 &amp; collateral 2004 or tom cruise or any other john woo film but save yourself from this Action Jackson lame buddy cop wannabe genre film if i have to recommend something even better rush hour &amp; bad boys series blast,own &amp; decimate this film entirely,totally,completely &amp; absolutely leaving no trace of it in minds of both critics &amp; action film fans in general.<br/><br/>Overall From Paris With Love 2010 is a waste of time &amp; money even hardcore John Travolta fans will be disappointed my rating is 2/10:Skipp It
While there is no shortage of people jockeying for position in line to condemn Luc Besson, there&#39;s no denying the entertainment of his action movies. Over the past ten years the man has given us Kiss of the Dragon, the Transporter franchise, and Taken. These movies will never be up for any major awards but they are still worth the money and time for action fans.<br/><br/>Jonathan Rhys-Meyers plays James Reese, the personal assistant to the American Ambassador in France who does odd, low-level covert jobs on the side. He longs for the big leagues, and gets his wish (to the extreme) when he&#39;s suddenly partnered with the flamboyant Charlie Wax (an OTT John Travolta, who really seems to be enjoying himself). Wax has a mission in Paris, but he&#39;s keeping the full details from Reese, gradually letting him further into the tangle of twists as the elaborate story unfolds. Racking up a body count of more than one an hour in the process.<br/><br/>The Travolta/Meyers double-act mostly pays off, but, like Reese, the audience is left out in the cold for the duration. Meyers doesn&#39;t do much but stand aside while Travolta rampages through posses of bad guys. I know he&#39;s the &#39;everyman&#39; we can identify with, thus giving us a smoother insight into the world of espionage, but if he was just given a tiny bit more to do than stand around wide-eyed and frightened the film would have gotten a higher rating from me.<br/><br/>As 90-minute fluff we&#39;re talking serious entertainment here. If you&#39;re wanting more profound film-making look elsewhere (not that Besson is incapable of this either). From Paris With Love doesn&#39;t rewrite the rules of the action or spy genre, but it does play every expected note loudly and maniacally. Exactly how many films have a bald, goatee-sporting John Travolta hanging out of a car window talking on the phone in one hand with a giant mofo rocket-launcher in the other?
Basically a bloody buddy picture that tries too hard.

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